Only one more full lunation to go! We’ll greet the full moon this weekend, watch it wane to new, and then begin to watch the last phase cycle until we see it new against the Sun.
We live disconnected from the natural cycles these days, and while we wouldn’t venerate the Moon, still, it keeps celestial time for us. To note and enjoy the Moon through all her phases is to take joy in Nature the same way we note and enjoy the songbird. Not in the casual way that the bird is just part of the background noise, but as separate and unique, if we are good also identifying the species just by their song.
So too at the next full Moon we should then note the phases as we fall back to New. On which morning will it be the last time we see the Moon before the eclipse? I intend to see Venus in the morning sky on eclipse day…and then to watch for her again in the minutes before totality.
Let the Moon be more than just background noise in the sky….seek her out to note the beauty of the night sky, perhaps decorated with sunset or sunrise clouds. Watch her march across the constellations and learn their names. Observe with intention, you will be well rewarded.