The Year of the Eclipse

Welcome to 2017! Watching interest rising with the turn of the calendar. Welcome to the year of the eclipse!

Edgar Evins State Park, sitting pretty much on the center line of the eclipse path, became the first Tennessee State Park to sell out everything, cabins and campground. More will follow, quite a few reservations were made this weekend. The only in-totality cabins left are now at Standing Stone State Park. Good fun watching the parks fill up.

Hotel reservations are up as well….center of path places are becoming rare. Funny that you can tell which hotels have heard about it, and which have not. $80 vs. $200+. Springfield, Whitehouse, Portland…gone. Goodlettsville still has rooms, even some at the $80 level. Slowly but surely, from the center outward, the rooms are filling.

Pro tip? If you want a different experience, look at Pickett State Park. It’s an official International Dark Sky Park, off the beaten path with some nice day hikes. A short drive out of the park to Clarkrange, view the eclipse from the parking lot of the Cumberland Mountain General Store and Rockabilly Diner (…then spend the night under the darkest skies in Tennessee with no Moon to spoil the view! It is on the Cumberland Plateau, possibly more chances for clouds….but a great place if the forecast is good.

pickett state park
The view from the CCC Memorial at Pickett.