And so it begins….

We will never know how many people visit Tennessee (or really anywhere else in totality). The eclipse is turning us all into mini hostels. Visiting new friends south of town, they talked about inviting folks to their house, even though they’ll have to drive to totality. My kids are inviting friends. I think we’ll be seriously bunking at least ten extra people, maybe more. This will be repeated over and over by a substantial number of households in Nashville The hotels will be only the beginning.

This is a slow motion tsunami, a wave of people that will join us to stand under the shadow of the Moon. A mass movement. But difficult to communicate to those who do not share the vision. A fair number still view this as a science thing, something only of interest to the amateur astronomy community. Not true! While the astronomy community has had this posted on their refrigerators for a decade or more, we’re going to be inviting everyone…and we do mean everyone! That’s why Fred Espenak has a “Road Atlas for the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017.” If you are not from Tennessee, you might want one of these!

If you can drive to the path, you should do so. You will not forget the sight, and what a gift to give kids. Two things in science are interesting to young kids: dinosaurs and space. I don’t have live dinosaurs, but I can show off space. And this year, I can show you a total eclipse of the Sun!