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Tennessee State Parks IN the path of totality

Events at state parks

(length of totality approximate)

Booking information as of 6/19/2017
For parks listed as full, if interested check the park reservation page regularly for openings from cancellations.

Clarksville Area

1. Dunbar Cave 2 min 25s
Dunbar Cave is a day use park with no camping and very limited parking. 110 acre park, the solar eclipse viewing here is sold out!

2. Port Royal 2 min 32s
Port Royal is a 26 acre historic park, no camping: Register for the limited Solar Eclipse Viewing spaces.


3. Bledsoe Creek 2min 40s
This park sits in the center of the eclipse path! The campground is currently fully booked, although you can check for random cancellations. You can bring a boat and be on the lake for the eclipse, but even boat ramp space may be very limited.
The park will open at 9am for 2017 Solar Eclipse Picnic: come early, space is limited.


4. Bicentennial Mall 1min 58s
Home this year for the Italian Lights Festival! A day use park in downtown Nashville north of the Capital building. Will have special events that weekend! No separate parking. Hopefully they have the water fountains turned on. The capital lawn will also be a nice viewing location, especially for state employees.

5. Radnor Lake 1min 13s
A small wooded day use area adjoining a small lake. Very limited parking.

6. Long Hunter State Park 2 min
A day use park along Percy Priest Lake with picnic areas and boat ramp. There is a group camp area, but no individual campsites. There are several nice grassy areas that would make good viewing (as would the group camp). There are plans for an event that day. The Barnard-Seyfert Astronomical Society uses this park about twice a year for star parties.

7. Cedars of Lebanon State Park 2 min 20s
Nice hiking trails through the namesake cedar forest. The cabins and campground are currently full. There are some group facilities here as well, but you must call the park to check on availability.
The weekend begins on Saturday August 19 with Music in the Park and then continues on August 21 with Eclipse in the Park. Register to let the park know how many to expect. The Solar Eclipse Party at the Pool is SOLD OUT.
I-40 / Cumberland Plateau

8. Edgar Evins State Park 2min 38s
This park sits almost in the center of the path! Lake, boat ramp, marina with restaurant, day use picnic area. The cabins and campground are currently full, but you can observe from the marina or picnic areas. There will be special activities all weekend.

9. Burgess Falls 2min 39s
burgess falls Another center of the path location, but there is limited parking at this day use park only a few miles off I-40. SOLD OUT of free registrations as of 7/31/17. Forested landscape, very little clear viewing area. Beautiful falls, but the trails are partly closed from flood damage from a few years back that has not been repaired. No camping, but there will be a program on eclipse day. While registration is not required, they are "sold out," so contact the park directly, but remember that there is not a lot of parking here.

10. Cummins Falls 2min 26s
burgess falls This is normally a day use park with no camping facilities, but there will be camping by reservation only on Sunday August 20! SOLD OUT as of 7/31/17. The falls and the pool below are known as one of the top swimming holes in the country. There is a significant hike to get to the base of the falls. The trail switchbacks down the near cliff, at the base there is a walk that involves walking IN the water to get upstream to the falls. Wear proper hiking foot gear that can get wet. Water levels will also determine whether the trail is open. Otherwise the park has a nice parking lot and a nice field that would be great for viewing.

11. Rock Island State Park 2min 25s
An 883 acre park with waterfalls, a scenic location anytime. The cabins are fully booked at this time, as are the campsites. Check for random cancellations. There are also day use picnic facilities.
The Solar Eclipse Viewing Event is sold out! that day.

12. Fall Creek Falls State Park 2min 23s
One of the largest parks in the Tennessee system, hiking trails, waterfall, lake. Inn with restaurant. The inn, cabins, and campground are fully booked. Check for cancellations.
The solar eclipse weekend events are SOLD OUT as of 7/31/17. Eclipse In the Park>

13. Standing Stone State Park 1min 14s
This park is north of Cookeville, nearer to the edge of totality with a shorter time. Nonetheless it is a nice scenic park. Cabins and campgrounds are sold out.
The park will host several fun activities, from Eclipse Boat Float (fee) to an Ice Cream Social as well as a tailgate Viewing Party (free!).

14. Frozen Head State Park 15s
On the bare edge of totality, your view might depend on exactly where you are in the park! Some phenomena such a Bailey's Beads are more prominent at the edge of the path. Register for the free Eclipse Watch

15. Cumberland Mountain State Park 2min 33s
Features a restaurant, swimming pool, cabins and campground. Cabins are booked, as well as the campsites.
The park has a full slate of activities planned: Cumberland Mountain Triathalon on Sunday August 20.
Wake up early on eclipse morning for the Solar Eclipse 5K
Then the main event: Solar Eclipse Viewing free! Want a little more? Purchase a VIP Pass to guarentee a parking space, special viewing area and food voucher.

East of I-75

16. Fort Loudoun State Historic Park 2min 30s
Good totality length, but a small day use park. Their solar eclipse event is sold out! There are other local events in Monroe County.

17. Hiwassee/Ocoee Scenic River State Park 2min 15s
The primary attraction here is the rivers with whitewater rafting opportunities. This park has a primitive campground, but is fully booked.



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