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The 2017 eclipse in Tennessee

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This eclipse is rightly being called Great, cutting clear across the US, Oregon to South Carolina.
Tennessee owns a huge swath of this, as well as interstates that travel within the narrow band of totality. Nashville is the largest city in totality along the path,as well as a unique tourist destination. The question which we won't have an answer to until August 21 is: how many will join us? The Chamber of Commerce is fond of quoting the fact that 50% of the US population lives within a days drive of Nashville, and we are going to invite them all! This is such a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity to view something that is often called the most amazing sight in nature.

35 counties in path Thirty five counties are touched; twenty three are completely in totality. Over 2.3 million Tennesseans live in the path, about 36% of the state's population.
Missouri has about 30% of the US population that actually lives in the path, Tennessee might have 20%. Many of the towns closest to the center are small...Springfield, White House, Hendersonville and Gallatin. Carthage and Sparta. These towns need to be ready for a sudden influx of visitors. Lebanon is hosting the Wilson County fair...and an eclipse on the same day!

ALL of Tennessee enjoys a very deep 95% plus partial eclipse...but if there is any way you can find your way to totality, you should not settle for the partial when you are this close. Is there that much difference? Everyone who hase seen one says: Yes! See chaser Kate Russo's BeingInTheShadow.com site.


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