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Nashville: the largest US city (almost) completely in the path of totality

Davidson county map

Times from Xavier Jubier's interactive eclipse map corrected for lunar limb profile.

While Nashville is south of the center of the path, there are so many opportunities for tourists that Nashville is a popular destination for tours of the 2017 Eclipse. Three interstates providing drive in access also could swell the downtown population.
With only six months to go, however, details about events in Nashville are still sparse.
These are just a few places where folks will be gathered apart from the excellent Metro parks.

1. Riverfront Park

2. Adventure Science Center

3. Bicentennial Mall

Bicentennial Mall A state park in the heart of Nashville with nice open viewing spaces that will host the Italian Lights Festival for the eclipse. Just across the street the grassy hillside of the State Capitol building will also invite picnic blankets.

4. The Nashville Zoo

No details yet

5. City Winery Nashville

No details yet


Cheekwood, Libraries and many metro parks will have eclipse viewing as well...no details yet



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